Students and Teachers

This is a document under development to express some ideas I have gathered from many sources. Please be patient with me as I add to it from time to time. There is much more to a formal philosophy for learning than is indicated here now...but this is a start...

College is a Learning Environment

As a student moves through elementary and high school, there is a progession of responsibility that shifts from the teacher toward the student. While American school starts as a teaching environment, it progresses toward a learning environment. It is critical for both professor and student to realize this shift and to complete the process in college.

In college, the focus should be on learning, not so much on teaching. This is because the goal is for the student to become a life-long learner. S/he will need to find the resources necessary to continue the learning process well beyond commencement. There will be many teachers down the student's road in life, but it is the learner who must know how to find and use those teachers. Our goal, then, as members of the academy is to empower our students to recognize and utilize resources to assist their own learning.

It is important that we assist our students in taking responsibility for their own learning, in providing exercises in facing uncertainty, and in affirming the kind of behavior that leads to life-long learning.

What makes a good student? A successful student...

What makes a good teacher? A successful teacher...

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