Bahamian Field Station Schedule

This is a brief outline of our stay on San Salvador in Spring 2001.

Date in 2001Morning ActivitiesAfternoon Activities
May 23Flight to San Salvador International (ZSA)Graham's Harbor Snorkel
May 24Pigeon Creek SnorkelGrotto Bay Snorkel
May 25Rice Bay Snorkel/Manhead CayBoat to Green Cay Iguanas, Gaulin Cay Bird Nests, Gaulin Reef Snorkel
May 26Rest and RelaxationDump Reef Snorkel + Night Snorkel
May 27Hike to North Point, Dixon's Light, CaveTelephone Pole Reef Snorkel - the wall!
May 28SCUBA/Canoe Pigeon CreekDune Vegetation at East Beach
May 29French Bay SnorkelGrotto Bay Snorkel
May 30SCUBA/Dump Reef IntertidalSand Dollar Beach, Fossil Reef, Museum
May 31Bluff IntertidalBFS Terrestrial Walk, Dinner Out
June 1Sand Dollar Beach, Cockburn Town, Grotto Bay All Day
June 2Depart for HomeArrive at Bradley International (BDL)

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