Tropical Biology
San Salvador Island, Bahamas

Tentative Dates: May 14-25, 2015

Tropical Biology on San Salvador Island involves a field study of marine and terrestrial environments of the outermost island in the Bahamas archipelago (BIO 319/320 Spring 2015). We will stay at the College of the Bahamas' Gerace Research Centre (GRC) on the north end of the island. San Salvador's flora and fauna include both native and introduced species, making the island a natural laboratory for studying island biogeography. Marine studies will focus on coral reef, sea grass bed, mangrove, beach, and rocky shore communities. Terrestrial studies will examine cave, mud flat, sand dune, and upland shrub communities. In addition to their field studies, students will experience the enchanting culture of a Bahamian "out-island."

Prior to the field study on San Salvador, students will enroll in a seven-week 1-credit course: Bio 319 Oceanic Island Ecology. This series of seminars introduces the concepts needed for making critical observations on San Salvador. A grade of C- or better in the seminar course is required to participate in the field course on the island (BIO 320 Tropical Biology, 3cr).

One month after the return from San Salvador, students will submit essays integrating the concepts from the seminars on campus with the ecological relationships observed on San Salvador.

The estimated cost for the twelve-day trip is $2,000* which includes airfare, ground transportation, room, board, facilities fees, health insurance, taxes, and gratuities. Students must provide their own snorkeling gear (mask, fins, snorkel); there are additional costs for optional SCUBA diving (SCUBA certification required). Participants should be in reasonably good health and must be good swimmers willing to snorkel in tropical ocean waters.

Note: This course is indended for students majoring or minoring in biology;
other students will be considered if space is available.

*Final cost may change depending on the number of participants or changes to airfares or GRC fees.

CONTACTS: Department of Biology, Eastern Connecticut State University
Dr. Chuck Booth
Dr. Ross Koning
Dr. Josh Idjadi
Dr. Brett Mattingly

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