Gerace Research Center Schedule

This is a brief outline of our stay on San Salvador in Spring 2003.

Date in 2003Morning ActivitiesLunchAfternoon Activities
May 19Delta Flight to FLL, Shuttle to JetCenterOn Own FLL/JCTwin Air Charter to ZSA, Orientation
May 20South Pigeon Creek Mangroves, SeagrassGrotto Bay Dune IntroFrench Bay Snorkel
May 21Boat Trip to Green Cay Iguanas, Catto Cay Birds, Gaulin ReefGRCRocky Point "Sand Dollar Beach" Snorkel
May 22East Beach Dune TransectsDixon CemeteryEast Beach Swim and Snorkel, Rice Bay, Government Dock Snorkel
May 23Fernandez Bay Telephone Pole Reef SnorkelGrotto Bay in RainGrotto Bay Snorkel
May 24Dump Reef Intertidal IntroGRCSample Key at Lab 1, Dump Reef Day Snorkel + Dump Reef Night Snorkel
May 25The Bluff (Snow Bay) Intertidal TransectsGRC-Lab 1Storm delay of Barker's Point...Rocky Point optional
May 26GRC Vegetation Tour, North Point Headland TransectsGRCRocky Point Snorkel
May 27Fernandez Bay Telephone Pole Reef SnorkelGRCRice Bay Snorkel, Manhead Key exploration
May 28SCUBA/Dixon Light and Cave + Free TimeGRCSan Salvador Museum, Fossil Reef, Group Photo + Caribbean Dinner
May 29SCUBA/Canoe Little LakeGRCFernandez Bay Snapshot Reef Snorkel
May 30Air Sunshine Charter to FLLOn Own FLLDelta Flight to BDL

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