Gerace Research Center Schedule

This is a brief outline of our stay on San Salvador in Spring 2007.

Date in 2007Morning ActivitiesLunchAfternoon Activities
Mon May 21Delta Flight to FLL, Limo to Twin AirOn OwnTwin Air Charter to ZSA, Orientation, Dinner, First Evening Discussion
Tue May 22
Gray Overcast
South Pigeon Creek Snorkel Mangroves, SeagrassGRCRocky Point/Sand Dollar Beach Snorkel
Wed May 23
Gray Windy
Trail to Osprey Lake and Oyster Pond SnorkelGRCNorth Point Vegetation Walk
Thu May 24Fernandez Bay Snapshot Reef SnorkelColumbus Park
(camera died)
Telephone Pole Reef Snorkel
Fri May 25East Beach Dune Transect
New Entry Road 1 mi south
at wire xover
GRCDixon Lighthouse Climb + Lighthouse Cave
Sat May 26SCUBA/Sun-N-Fun Grotto Bay
No Canoes This Year :'(
GRCColumbus Monument Snorkel + Fossil Reef + Cockburn Shop
Sun May 27Dump Reef Intertidal TransectGRCFrench Bay Mid Snorkel
Mon May 28French Bay West Snorkel
Happy Whit Monday!
GRCBamboo Point Snorkel
no boat trip
Tue May 29Boat Trip to Green Cay Iguanas, Catto Cay Birds, Gaulin Reef SnorkelGRCRocky Point Snorkel
Wed May 30Dump Reef SnorkelGRCRice Bay Snorkel + Manhead Cay Walk
Dump Reef Night Snorkel
Thu May 31Grotto Bay SnorkelGrotto BaySandy Point Beach and Watling Castle Exploration
Fri June 1Twin Air Charter to FLL
Happy Labor Day!
On Own FLLDelta Flight to BDL

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