Gerace Research Centre Schedule

This is a brief outline of our stay on San Salvador in Spring 2015.

Date in 2015 Morning Activities Lunch Afternoon Activities
Thu May 14 Flight to Atlanta At Atlanta Airport Flight to Nassau, New Providence Isle
Fri May 15 Plan: to San Salvador At Nassau Airport Delayed flight to San Salvador
Sat May 16 Circle Tour! Pigeon Creek Snorkel At Grotto Bay Pavilion Sue Point Snorkel
Sun May 17 North Point Walk At GRC Idjadi: Grass Beds Lecture
Rice Bay Snorkel + Manhead Key
Mon May 18 Snapshot Reef At GRC Oyster Pond Walk and Snorkel
Tue May 19 Fossil Reef and Bamboo Point Kick to Wall Snorkel At GRC Dump Reef Intertidal Transect
Wed May 20 Walk to Dump Reef Daytime Snorkel At GRC Lighthouse and Cave
Evening: Dump Reef Night Snorkel
Thu May 21 Telephone Pole Reef Snorkel At Columbus Monument Picnic Table Rocky Point Snorkel
Fri May 22 East Beach Dune Transect At GRC Graham's Harbor/North Point Snorkel
Sat May 23 Photo at Cockburn, French Bay Snorkel At GRC Rocky Point Snorkel (reprise1)
Evening: Coral Quiz, Trivia Quiz
Sun May 24 Grotto Bay Snorkel At Grotto Bay Pavilion Sun and Fun at Sandy Point
Afternoon: Movie Debut, Plane Crash Photos
Evening: Logistics and Course Evaluation
Mon May 25 San Salvador Airport, Flight to Nassau On the Fly at Nassau Airport To Orange Beach Hill Inn
Tue May 26 Early Taxi to Nassau Airport (DELAY)
Flight to Atlanta Airport
At Atlanta Airport Flight to Bradley Airport

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