Group Photos for 2005

This is our Bio 320 class standing in the surf at Grotto Bay of San Salvador Island, Bahamas,
You will notice there is also a second verion of our group photo with slightly different poses; you
might find one more to your liking than the please scroll down to see the second one.

Left to right:
Austin Fiszel, Michelle Chapman-Avery, Lisa Kortfelt, Chuck Booth, Rachel Soufrine, Ken Bugler, Amy Narducci, Sarah Bacchiochi, Stephen Zepecki, Theresa Cashman, Amy Whittenburg, Kurt Koning, Rebecca Edelman, Chelsea York, Clayton Pollock, Katie Coombs

This is our Bio 320 class standing in Cockburn Town on San Salvador Island, Bahamas,
in front of an artistic rendering of Cyclura rileyi rileyi the endemic iguana.

Left to right:
Back Row: Clayton Pollock,  Ken Bugler,  Kurt Koning
Middle Row: Ross Koning,  Katie Coombs,  Austin Fiszel,  Rachel Soufrine,  Stephen Zepecki,  Amy Narducci,  Chelsea York,  Chuck Booth
Front Row: Michelle Chapman-Avery,  Lisa Kortfelt,  Amy Whittenburg,  Rebecca Edelman,  Sarah Bacchiochi,  Theresa Cashman


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