Group Photos for 2013

This is our Bio 320 class standing in Cockburn Town on San Salvador Island, Bahamas, in front of an artistic rendering of Cyclura rileyi rileyi the endemic iguana.
The photographer apparently punched the button rather than pressing it so the camera did not properly focus this first shot. If yours is better, please send the image to Ross and I'll post it here!

Left to right:
Back Row: Jonathan Corbett,  Derek Werner,  Brandon Chatfield,  Brett Mattingly,  Eugine Motovilov,  J.D. Mordasky,  Matt Silver,  Ricky Squires,  Jess Bristol,  Josh Idjadi 
Front Row: Analia Kamis,  Steve Meigs,  Amanda LaPlant,  Steph Timek,  Olivia Navickis,  Annelise Blanchette,  Wyatt Marciniak-Haynosch,  Michael Jordan,  Jay Kohler,  Ross Jarvis,  Alicia Sprague,  Jisseth Torres,  Alex Cavacas,  Chuck Booth,  Ross Koning 

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