Group Photos for 2015

This is our Bio 320 class standing in Cockburn Town on San Salvador Island, Bahamas, in front of an artistic rendering of Cyclura rileyi rileyi the endemic iguana. Our photographer did not notice that Erin was not visible in two of the photos, but the third one shows her better (just not Marcus as well).

Left to right:
Back Row: Josh Calabrese,  Brett Mattingly,  Josh Idjadi,  Holly Dutko,  Chelsea Brisson,  Megan Barnes,  Erin McGrath, 
Middle Row: Alexa Deponte,  Marcus Ortiz,  Chuck Booth,  Rachel Russi,  Patrick Aspinwall,  Olivia Cameron,  Michael Segala,  Michael Chapman,  Nick Czarnowski,  Ross Koning, 
Front Row: Jessie Lynn Main,  Gabby Scoca,  Njeri Dodson,  Sarah Denihan 
Not Shown: Ryan Barton,  Rickie Squires, 



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