Attendance Registration
for the

ßßß Northeast District Conference

April 15, 2000


Eastern Connecticut State University

Willimantic, Connecticut

If you are attending the conference, you must register your attendance by filling out and submitting the following form. There will be a $10 registration fee charged at the registration desk at the conference. Morning refreshments and lunch are complimentary. If you plan to attend the evening banquet ($15 additional), please register that below. Proper entries in ALL of the fields below are required. Thanks for registering electronically.

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Presentations by ßßß student members are eligible for awards.

Your registration is not "received" until you receive a THANK YOU message from the Form Server. Please be sure you have received a THANK YOU confirmation; try again until you do.

IMPORTANT: This process registers your attendance only. To submit a presentation abstract you must also submit an Abstract Registration form.