2011 Teacher Quality Partnership Grant

This workshop utilized the Grade 1-Grade 4 elementary biology subset of the 2010 State of Connecticut K-8 Curriculum Standards and Assessment Expectations for Science as its inspiration.

Teachers from regional school districts were invited to participate in a workshop in several areas of the science curriculum. My portion of the program was to provide content support and experiential activities in biology for the teachers to bring home to the classrooms in their districts.

To begin the activities, the teacher participants met on June 27 to set up the various experiments. On June 31 the participants met over lunch hour to check on the seed germination project results and to carry out the mock herbivory treatments.

The content of the course was delivered primarily through a Power Point Presentation on the mornings of July 7 and July 8, with breaks taken for the following activities.

Effect of Light on Plant Growth
      25 cm ruler in mm
Effect of Water on Plant Growth
Effect of Minerals on Plant Growth
Flour Beetle Biology
Milkweed Bug Metamorphosis
Link to Native Bee Poster
Effect of Temperature on Plant Growth
Plant Morphology
Plant Flowers
Seed Germination Experiment
      Data with Fresh Seeds
      Data with Old Seeds
Effect of Herbivory on Plant Growth
      25 cm round-off ruler (in 0.5 cm)