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* new course X     identify: Biology 319 Oceanic Island Ecology

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BIO 319 Oceanic Island Ecology     1 credit

This five week elective course examines the biogeography of marine and terrestrial plants and animals on oceanic islands and adjacent waters. Examples will include Bermuda, San Salvador, Galapagos and Hawaii. Topics include geological origin of oceanic islands, dispersal mechanisms, colonization and establishment of populations, adaptive radiation, endemism, extinction, and interactions between native and introduced species. This course is a prerequisite for BIO 320 Tropical Biology.

The library collection needs new titles including natural history texts and field guides for the venue being focused upon in both BIO 319 and BIO 320. For the upcoming Spring 2001, our venue is San Salvador Island in the Bahamas. Therefore, the titles proposed focus primarily upon the flora and fauna of that island.

It may be appropriate to permanently house these new acquisitions in the Caribbean Collection. However, for spring and summer 2001, it would be best to keep these titles on in-library closed reserve under my name.

Total amount requested: $ 444.00

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Please attach a list of specific titles to be purchased. If you have not yet identified specific titles, attach lists from which titles will be selected, or other appropriate information. Please include reviews of requested items if possible.

Please submit to: Dr. Tina Fu, Library Director.

Requests received by December 1st of each year will be given highest priority.

Books pertaining specifically to San Salvador Island are difficult to find. The Bahamian Field Station publishes the following field guides, which I propose to add to our collection. The company that markets these books is:

Media Enterprises, Ltd
P. O. Box N-9240
Nassau, Bahamas
Telephone: 242-325-8210
FAX: 242-325-8065
Email: media@100jamz.com

Bats Of San SalvadorKenneth Anderson$   4.00
Common Birds Of San SalvadorBrian White12.00
Common Plants Of San SalvadorLee Kass14.00
Field Guide To The Common Marine AlgaeJoseph Richardson14.00
Field Guide To The Insects Of San SalvadorNancy Elliott14.00
Field Guide To Vegetation Of San SalvadorRobert Smith12.00
Native Trees And Shrubs Of The Florida KeysJ Paul Scurlock45.00
Seashore Plants Of S. Florida And The Carib.David W Nellis25.00
Bahamian Landscapes 2dedNeil Sealey14.00
Weather And Climate Of San SalvadorRonald Shaklee14.00
The Outermost IslandVirginia White12.00
Bahamian History HighlightsAllan Murray15.00
Caribbean Reef PlantsDiane & Mark Littler115.00
Corals and Fishes, WaterproofJerry & Idaz Greenberg10.00
Ephemeral Islands: Natural History of BahamasDavid Campbell18.00
Fishes of San SalvadorGary Ostrandor17.00
Field Guide to the Invertebrates of San SalvadorF. Diehl22.00
A History of the Bahamas 3dedMichael Craton20.00
Lab Exercises and Field Methods in Marine BiologySullivan Sealey35.00
TOTAL$ 444.00

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