Bio 120 Organismal Biology Spring 2018 Tentative Lab Schedule

Laboratory SB‑331: R 8:00‑4:50
Hotlines: 860‑465‑4444 or 800‑578‑1449

Date Preparation Needed for Class
First Day Fisher Writing Assignment
Example Article
Thu-Jan 18 Read Freeman: B.2 B.3 pp 19-25 and Pechenik: pp 144-152
Biologist at Work!
Human Data Cards
Hand Data Spreadsheet
Thu-Jan 25 Sea Urchin Reproduction Exercise
with Arbacia punctulata
SeaBiscuit Movie
Thu-Feb 1 Read Pechenik: pp 160-173, Use: pp 178-181, 208-211
Figuring Biological Data
Table and Figure Checklists
Table 1 and Figure 1 Rubric
The Course Data File
Thu-Feb 8 Excel Statistics Workshop
Thu-Feb 15 Make .fas file for Laptop/USB drive/email
Click to install MEGA software
Fungi and Mammalian Systematics
Plant Beans in Greenhouse!
Thu-Feb 22 Cladistics Exercise
Seed Germination Setup
Mon-Feb 26 SB-331 Seed Germination: First Data + 3 mL dH2O
Thu-Mar 1 Seed Germination Exercise
Z-test of Proportions Exercise
Seed Germination Writing Assignment
Thu-Mar 8 Plantae: Vegetative
Cross sections: Leaf, Stem, Root.
Spectra Assignment
Chlorophyll Excitation and Emission Spectra
Thu-Mar 15 Spring Break
Thu-Mar 22 Organisms Once Protista Species!
Excitation & Emission Spectra
Thu-Mar 29 Archaealogy & More
Halobacterium Slides
Double-Y Plots
Thu-Apr 5 Bacteriology Exercise
Bacteria incubated at 32° C.
Thu-Apr 12 Cyanobacteria Exercise
Intro, Slides, Observe Archaealogy and More
Thu-Apr 19 Animalia: Crayfish Ethology
Thu-Apr 26 Animalia: Frog Physiology
Thu-May 3 Open Laboratory to Review for Final
Thu-May 8 Laboratory Final: Skills Assessment
Sec 01: 8-10A — Sec 02: 11-1P — Sec 03: 2-4P