Biology 332
Spring 1996
Exam II Upward Bound

The Exam II results were not quite what I had hoped for. I think the exam was somehow still too long. At least the performance on the last question sure looked like it was one question too long. The average was 63.6% of the high score in the class (95 points). Clearly one of you was better prepared than most of you...and that one person did not take a previous course from me.

A few days before the exam I had prepared a key to post on the WWW site. I had planned to post it just before the exam so you could finish the exam and see what I had expected right away. That plan changed. The day before the test, Jennifer McCarthy stayed late after lab and mentioned that she liked a policy in another class at ECSU. In that course the students are rewarded for going over their graded exam to learn what they missed, rather than just taking the score and forgetting about the subject matter that was missed. This struck me as a good idea.

I have decided to give you an opportunity to increase your score by repairing (and hopefully learning) what you missed on Exam II. I have chosen to mark the exams with minimal explanation so that some of you don't have some advantage over others in this reworking. You are thus left with the challenge of correcting your exam to increase your points. I am calling this opportunity "upward bound." If you like this, thank Jennifer.

What do you do?
Take your exam home. You are honor-bound to do the repair work on-your-own. You may use any books or other resources, but you are not to consult each other. I want you to learn it for yourself by finding it yourself. You may cross out parts of your old answers, but you may not erase any of them. I would prefer that you write your changes and additions in a contrasting color (if your original exam was in pencil, please write in ink or colored pencil...or vice versa). Please do not use green or red. Try to earn back as much of the exam as you can. Hand in your corrections by the due date: April 1, 1996. Late papers are not acceptable under any circumstances! No amnesty will be given for late papers.

What do I do?
I will rescore your exam using everything on your paper that is not crossed out. I will allow you to add up to 15 percent to your score (that's one-and-a-half grades!). The improvement will be pro-rated. It will take more work for those of you who did very poorly on the test than it will for people who did better in the first place. For example, the high scorer only has to earn 119-95=24 more points to get the full 15% addition. The low scorer has to earn 119-29=90 more points to get the full 15% addition. How many points do you have to earn to get the full 15% addition? It is the number between the - and the = signs in the upper-left corner of the first page of your exam. It is the first number written in green ink. On April 2, I will post the exam key.

Lab Exercises:
You have several worksheets due on Thursday, March 28, 1996. These are: Meristems, Roots, Stems, and Leaves (note these were the subjects on the Exam). All late penalties will apply (see syllabus). The Photosynthesis/Transpiration exercise comes in on Monday, April 8, 1996 as a Laboratory Report. All late penalties will apply (see syllabus). I plan to give you an update on your "course grade" when I return one of these assignments.

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