Biology 332
Spring 1996

Exam III Upward Bound

The Exam III results were not quite what I had hoped for. I know that I am asking quite a bit of synthesize what you learn in class...not just to memorize and repeat it back to me. Sometimes that kind of performance takes more time to think and reflect before and during testing.

The "Upward Bound" program for Exam II was so successful that I thought I would repeat it for this exam. This way you can take the time you need to synthesize the trends I was hoping you were observing. Again, if you like this opportunity, thank Jennifer. If you hate this program, blame me!

What do you do?
Take your exam home. You are honor-bound to do the repair work on-your-own. You may use any books or other resources, but you are not to consult each other. I want you to learn it for yourself by finding it yourself. You may cross out parts of your old answers, but you may not erase any of them. I would prefer that you write your changes and additions in a contrasting color (if your original exam was in pencil, please write in ink or colored pencil...or vice versa). Please do not use green or red. Try to earn back as much of the exam as you can. Hand in your corrections by the due date: April 29, 1996. Late papers are not acceptable under any circumstances! No amnesty will be given for late papers.

What do I do?
I will rescore your exam using everything on your paper that is not crossed out. I will allow you to add up to 20 percent to your score (that's two grades!). The improvement will be pro-rated. It will take more work for those of you who did very poorly on the test than it will for people who did better in the first place. For example, the high scorer only has to earn 110-89=21 more points to get the full 20% addition. The low scorer has to earn 110-34=76 more points to get the full 20% addition. How many points do you have to earn to get the full 20% addition? It is the number between the - and the = signs in the upper-left corner of the first page of your exam. It is the first number written in green ink. By April 30, I will post the exam key.

Lab Exercises:
You have four worksheets due on Thursday, April 25, 1996. These are: Fungi, Algae, Mosses, and Ferns (note these were the subjects on the Exam). All late penalties will apply (see syllabus). I plan to give you an update on your "course grade" when I return the last of these assignments.

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