BIO 332-3 Spring 1994
Biology of Plants




This is a more objective test than you have had in previous exams. In most questions you will provide a short answer. In others you will make a diagram. Be sure that your writing is legible.

The Generalized Plant Life Cycle:

The product of meiosis in plants is always a  
In plants, gametes are always produced by the process called 
The act of union of egg and sperm nuclei is called 
The product of the union of egg and sperm is called a 
The plant body which undergoes meiosis is called the 
The plant body which produces egg and sperm is called the 
The type of life cycle in plants is neither gametic nor zygotic but is called 
Reproduction of a plant without involving the sexual life cycle is called 
A structure housing gametes is called a 
The structure in which meiosis takes place is called a 


The dominant plant body in the slime mold is called a 
This large stage shows a very dynamic cellular process called 
Each nucleus in the dominant plant body of the slime mold is:N     2N     3N     °N
The gametes found in slime molds are best described as -gametes
The only truly diploid cell in ascomycete fungi is called 
The only truly diploid cell in basidiomycete fungi is called 
The division holding the asexual fungi with unknown sexual stages: 
Of ascomycetes and basidiomycetes, which has external spores? 
Of ascomycetes and basidiomycetes, which include morels? 
If Schizophyllum heterokaryons are cultured with the surface vertical, what happens?  
If Schizophyllum heterokaryons are cultured with the surface horizontal and facing up, what happens?  
If Schizophyllum heterokaryons are cultured with the surface horizontal but facing down, what happens?  
Give an example of a valuable imperfect fungus 
In higher fungi the term syngamy makes little practical sense, why?
Give the name for asexual spores in fungi. 
If you were to examine the cells of the stalk of a mushroom, what would be the nuclear condition?
What is the polymer forming the cell wall in mushrooms? 


The division of algae which lacks nuclei 
The division producing agar, carrageenan, and other useful polymers 
What division has gametes but lacks ANY motile gamete 
All algae produce gametestrue     false
Algae producing starch by photosynthesis using chlorophyll a and b 
These are the largest of the algae and are found as huge undersea ÒforestsÓ 
This genus is isogamous, zygotic, and also reproduces by zoospores: 
This genus is oogamous, zygotic, and also reproduces by zoospores: 
This algal group lacks a cell wall, but has an internal skeleton 
What is the name for or polymer comprising this skeleton? 
This algal genus is probably the ÒEdenÓ organism for plants 
This algal group is the source of materials for reflective paint 
Which of the following is considered most advanced?isogamous   anisogamous   oogamous
The oogonium of an alga is equivalent to what in a sac fungus? 

Mosses and Friends:

The liverwort thallus has what kind of shape? 
Which thallus has an umbrella shaped stalk for its gametangia?male     female
Could you test whether liverworts do photosynthesis by the tissue disc method we used?yes     no
What is different about the antheridium in bryophytes compared to that of algae?
What is the functional equivalent of an oogonium in bryophytes? 
The most important advance in the sporophyte of hornworts is 
How many chloroplasts are found in each cell of a hornwort gametophyte? 
Was the unknown bryophyte a liverwort or a hornwort? 
When a moss spore germinates, it produces a filament called the 
The calyptra of a moss comes from the 
The ploidy level of the calyptra is therefore:1N     2N     3N     °N
The structure for anchorage in mosses is the 
The equivalent of phloem in mosses is the 
The equivalent of xylem in the mosses is the 
In mosses, the
__________________is a parasite

on the__________________
The dominant generation in mosses is the 

Ferns and Friends:

The most primitive vascular plant is 
This most-primitive plant lacks which vegetative organ? 
The xylem maturation pattern in this most-primitive plant is 
The xylem/phloem arrangement in this most-primitive plant is 
The main unit of photosynthesis in this most-primitive plant is 
The part of this most-primitive plant most closely resembling a leaf is its 
The gametophyte of this most-primitive plant is-trophic
The gametophyte of this most-primitive plant is energetically dependent upon 
Club mosses are anchored to the ground by means of  
The branching pattern in club mosses is 
The leaf of club mosses is called a

primarily because it has___________________
A club moss leaf bearing a sporangium is called a 
A cluster of club moss leaves bearing sporangia is called a 
Most club mosses are

the exception is:___________________
The horsetails have this mineral in their epidermal cell walls 
The horsetail spores are dispersed by these structures 
The horsetail gametophyte is-trophic
The arrangement of leaves at the horsetail nodes is called 
Which of the fern-ally divisions is responsible for fossil oil? 
The underground stem of ferns is called a 
The leaf of a fern is called a-phyll
On the underside of fern sporophylls are these clusters of sporangia called
These might be shielded by a flap called the

The fern leaf may be simple or, more commonly, 
The fern leaf unrolls in a process called 
Because of its shape, the unfolding fern leaf is called a  
The dominant generation in ferns and allies is 
The division to which ferns belong is 

Fern Life Cycle:

On the next page, diagram all stages of the fern life cycle, showing all stages named in the cycle. Your diagrams should show both macroscopic and microscopic forms as needed to show the critical elements of each named stage. Be sure to add environmental factors determining when and how stages progress. Of course everything needs to be labeled!

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