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This file contains links to old exams given in previous semesters. The 1992 and 1994 exams are only the exam without answers. After that the files are the exam keys!

The exams from the 1990s include questions on the range of algae and fungi. Starting in 2000 this course covers cyanobacteria, green algae, and plants only.

In 2001, the course moved from spring semester to fall semester, so the ecology section was moved to the beginning of the course, so watch out for sequencing issues.

In 2008 the department created an ecology course in the freshman/sophomore core sequence required of all students. So in 2010, assuming juniors had taken this course, the plant ecology lectures and labs were eliminated, so some of these sample exams have material irrelevant to the later semesters.

From 2005 through 2008 the course was revised for weekly quizzes rather than monthly exams because it seemed students were not studying until the night before the exam. The 15 quizzes each semester have not been transferred to html files here.

In 2009 a comprehensive final exam was reinstated because it seemed that while students were studying each week, they were purging every week too; not showing any knowledge gained from week to week.

I disclaim any responsibility for misleading you about the current semester and whatever exam(s) it may have. You need to judge that on your own based upon your experiences this year. You are indeed using a different book (maybe none!), and my lectures, and the lab exercises are different to some extent each year. Let the browser beware!

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