Botany 332
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Leaf Wordsearch

Name _______________________

First, use the definitions given below to figure out the intended leaf vocabulary word(s):
  the process of falling off the stem
  a kind of bud found between the base of the petiole and the stem
  the flat, expanded part of a leaf
  destined to become a branch of the stem at the base of a leaf
  a layer of parenchyma surrounding the vascular tissue
  a leaf with more than one blade
  an external layer of waxy chemicals
  a veination pattern with Y-shaped branching, as in Ginkgo
  a true leaf, for example in a bean plant
  the process resulting in cooling of the leaf
  a cell regulating gas exchange in the leaf
  leaves that appear only on seedlings or the proximal parts of mature plants
  the wreath-like anatomy found in many C-4 grasses
  this blade is almost, but not quite, compound
  the edge of the leaf which is sometimes serrate or entire
  the form of leaf found in ferns
  the tissue between the two epidermal layers of a leaf
  the form of leaf found in club mosses and horse tails
  the veination pattern in dicots
  the place of leaf attachment to the stem
  photosynthetic cells with a columnar shape
  a compound leaf with blades attached at the end of the petiole
  the veination pattern in monocots
  the stalk of the leaf
  conducts nutrients from the leaf to the rest of the plants
  a metabolic process converting light energy into chemical energy
  a compound leaf with blades attached along the sides of the petiole
  the process of aging and color-change in leaves
  a leaf with a single blade on its petiole
  photosynthetic cells with an isodiametric shape
  the opening through which gas exchange occurs
  a hair extending out from the epidermis
  structure formed by the combined vascular tissues traversing the leaf
  conducts water and soil minerals into the leaf
  the location of middle-lamella breakdown resulting in leaf drop
(hint: it goes with the first word on this list)

I gave you a "crutch" to help you determine whether you found the intended words...

What pattern did you notice among the words you wrote on the previous page?________________________

Now that you have the intended vocabulary in place, find each of the words in your list and circle them in the puzzle below. You can use the little box to the left of each word in your list to keep track of "found" words (please do not cross off your vocabulary words!).


What is the message found in the unused letters (read down the columns to find it)?


If you think of the message as having two parts (halves), what would be a good name to represent each half?


If you think of the message as a whole, what name represents it?


Be sure to hand-in this assignment with the two pages stapled in the upper-left corner.

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