HoneybeeSizeNumberSexLife Expect
Queen Large One Female
~3 years
sperm count!
Drone Medium None-Winter
Male Sex/6mo.
Worker Small 20-200 K! ~Sterile
few weeks

Queen Functions
Lay Eggs & Zygotes
Secrete Pheromone
Battle Daughter

Drone Functions
Mate with Queen

Worker Functions
Ventilate Hive
Clean Hive
Feed Larvae
Feed Queen
Feed Drones
Evaporate Nectar
Secrete Wax for Cells and Caps
Build brood and honey comb
Collect Nectar and Pollen
Collect Resin for Propolis
Communicate Sources to Sisters
Starve Drones
Make Queen
Lay Eggs??? (Never zygotes!)
Defend Hive

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