VIP: Flower Longi-Section

VIP: Provide both name and function labels:

Stigma -
receive pollen
Gynoecium -
female fcns
Carpel -
> fruit
Style -
pstn stigma
Ovary -
make ovule
Locule -
gas excg
Ovule -
make egg
Pollen -
make sperm
Anther -
make pollen
Filament -
pstn anther
Stamen - pollen dust Androecium -
male fcns
Petal - attraction, nectar Corolla -
landing platform
Sepal - PSN Calyx -
shield bud
Perianth -
non-sexual fcns
Receptacle -
distribute water, nutrients
Pedicel -
support flower


How do the terms......relate to this diagram?
Pistil Simple: made of just one carpel
Superior Ovary is in superior position, so the flower is hypogynous
Perfect It is perfect: both stamens and carpels in this flower
Complete It is complete: both calyx and corolla in this flower
Monoecious Both male and female in one house together
Pollination Pollen taken from anther of stamen to stigma of carpel
Pollen Tube Growth Nourished by stigma, style, and ovary tissue: chemotropism
Syngamy Two sperm enter ovule, both join in 2 separate syngamy events
Embryo Egg + Sperm = Zygote → Embryonic Plant
Seed Ovule becomes seed
Fruit Ovary wall becomes true fruit

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