Considerations for grafting

Compatible species
Matching stem diameter
Mirror image cuts
Align cambia
Tape or wax seal

The three parts of a graft are

SketchName of Parts

Good Reasons To Graft

Reason #1 Dwarfing
Scion Apple Tree
Stock Quince Shrub
Result Dwarf Apple Tree
Reason #2 Cold Hardiness
Scion Hybrid Tea Rose
Stock Multiflora Rose
Result Hardy Hybrid Tea Rose
Reason #3 Disease Resistance
Scion French Wine Grape
Stock American Fox Grape
Result Aphid Resistant French Wine Grapes

Not-So-Good Reasons to Graft

Reason #1 Multiple Varieties
Scion Several apple varieties
Stock Strong apple stock
Result Lop-sided tree thanks to competition
Reason #2 Avoid Police Detection
Scion Hops
Stock Marijuana
Result Hops to make beer but no Δ-9-THC

Three Maintenance Considerations

Installation Don't bury union or the scion will self-root!
Prune This Root Sprouts must go (are stock not scion)!
Do Not Prune This Ugly union and runty scion must stay!

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