Pruning TypeWhat is Done-Examples
Bonsai Heavy root and shoot pruning to dwarf and make "ancient looking"
Topiary Sculpting shrubs in 3 dimensions
Espalier 2 dimensional shaping of shrubs/trees
Shrubs Rule of thumb: remove stems of thumb diameter at ground after flowering
Belgian Fence Espalier coupled with approach grafts forming lattice
Fruit Trees Central Leader (nuts), Modified Leader (dwarf), or Open System (standard)

What To Prune

Dead Wood Weak (narrow) Crotches
Diseased Wood Anything Out of Form
Crossing Branches Excess Flowers and Fruits
Watersprouts (verticals on horizontals) not: Flowering/fruiting spurs

When To Prune

Hedges, Topiary, Bonsai, Espalier Frequent: As Needed!
Fruit Trees, Fruit Shrubs, Grapes February Once Per Year
Flowering Trees, Flowering Shrubs After Flowering Once Per Year
Never Prune Anything After September 1

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