VIP: Taxonomy - Classification of Plants

Outdated Grouping Methods (Good for Utility, Poor for Relatedness, Some Hard to Place!)

Uses: Food   Oil   Fragrance   Resin   Fibers   Wood, etc.

Form: Forb/Herb   Shrub   Tree   Vine

Seasonality: Annual   Perennial   Biennial

Climate: Tropical   Subtropical   Hardy

USDA Hardiness Zones: 1  - 10  and CT is zones: 5  - 7

Botanical Classification

Kingdom: Plantae   Bacteria   Archaea   Protista   Fungi   Animalia

Phylum: Anthophyta

Class: Dicotyledonae   Monocotyledonae





Binomial = Genus  +  Specific Epithet

Example Plant Binomial: Rosa   multiflora

The Human Binomial: Homo   sapiens

Why is the Binomial in Latin? Dead Language   Universal  


The case of Brassica oleracea...

cabbage  =  capitata

kale  =  acephala

Brussel's sprouts  =  gemmifera

kohlrabi  =  caulorapa

broccoli  =  italica

cauliflower  =  botrytis


Brassica oleracea capitata examples: 'King Slaw'  and  'Late Flat Dutch'

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