Setting PC Internet Explorer to handle Javascript

I am told by some PC users that they are not able to get the simulation software to operate properly without changing some settings inside their browser.

It turns out that some older PC versions of Internet Explorer are partially disabled as sent from Microsoft. You may have noticed that some websites don't operate as expected, etc. without knowing the reason why. I have been told that some of the lawsuits against Microsoft relate to this deeply-buried restriction against your ability to access websites that use Javascript.

The simulations I have created are in Javascript, so they will not work in those PC versions of Internet Explorer until after you make the following changes to undo Bill Gates' restrictions:

  1. Open your older PC version of Internet Explorer
  2. Click on Tools in the top toolbar
  3. Click on Internet Options
  4. Click on Advanced
  5. Click on Microsoft VM
  6. Click on Java Logging Enabled
  7. Click on Java Console Enabled

I apologize that you have to go through all the gyrations just to use the widely-adopted Javascript should feel cheated that this is not already set up to work in your browser! Needless to say, Bill would rather that you use his own Visual Basic instead of Javascript...a Netscape-developed language.

Pop-Up Window Blocking Must be OFF!

One further "gotcha" that may prevent your browser from using my simulations properly is that the simulations rely upon pop-up windows to display advice and outcomes. If your browser is set up to block/prevent pop-up windows, then you will probably have to turn that option/preference off for these simulations to function properly. Safari on the Macintosh is set by default this way. Make sure that "Block Pop-Up Windows" is unchecked in the Safari menubar item.

Your Feedback Helpful!

These simulations have been tested in Internet Explorer for Macintosh, Internet Explorer for PC, and Safari for Macintosh. So it is known that the simulations do work in these browsers if the browser is set up properly. I do appreciate email from people trying to use these simulations and finding that they do work in other browsers on various platforms...or fail in other browser/platform combinations. This feedback is the only way that I can debug and improve on these simulations. Thanks for your help along these lines (email address below)!



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