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Personal Religious Thoughts

How can a state employee express his personal religious beliefs in public? My Constitutional right to freedom of religion cannot be abridged by action of the government. My employment status as government worker cannot be used to censor my religious expression.

However, as a matter of courtesy, I will not push my religious ideas in your face here. Instead, to indicate your desire to read about my personal beliefs, you must click on the links below. By clicking on these links you indicate your agreement that the notes have not been broadcast to you, but instead sent to you by your own request. Further, by clicking on these links you indicate your understanding that the ideas expressed in these religious notes are my own and do not represent in any way the collective judgement of any institution or agency, public or private. If Christian ideas are offensive to you, you do not need to click on these links.

As a layperson I have occasionally been asked to give a sermon. I have included the notes from some of the sermons I have given:

Faith of a Scientist | The Word of God | Does Your Spirit Sing? | The Quest for God

These reflect my personal focus on the functions of religion. I also wrote a short blurb on the science-religion interface in thinking about the Shroud of Turin.

Please send email to me if you know the author of this humorous anecdote on Why God Never Got Tenure. I'd like to give proper credit to the author.

Biblical Botany

What has religion got to do with plant physiology? I have decided to develop a series of pages on Biblical passages with botanical themes. These will not be just a rehash of what species of plants are named in this historical book, but rather what I have learned through botanical metaphors used in the Bible. I will continue to add to this section as I get time.

Weed Control | Seed Germination | Phototropism

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