Science Matters: Senses Workshop

In June 2010, teachers from regional schools were invited to a workshop provided by ECSU's Education department faculty in collaboration with ECSU's Arts and Sciences faculty. This page is a directory to resources provided to the participants of the Senses Workshop.

On the first and second day we learned the basic concepts of sensory stimuli, perception, and responses through a lecture whose powerpoint file and its associated images file are provided. If you are working on a PC and the powerpoint file does not display the images, then you may need to install a Quick Time plug in and/or update your PC's operating system. The images file provides the same slides in a format that is completely universal. If your computer downloads the powerpoint with a .ppt.pps extension, just delete the .pps portion of the filename and it should behave like a standard powerpoint file.

To gain first-hand experience with senses and how they detect stimuli and the responses they provide, we carried out a few demonstrations and other activities. The activities handout is a Word document that we used as our guide.

In carrying out our activities, there were several paper-based resources linked here. These files will download to your computer:

Centimeter Grid
Snellen Visual Acuity Charts (may need to right-click = control-click to avoid opening in a "PDF plug-in")
Astigmatism Chart
Reaction Time Rulers

After our two days of lectures/activities, these are computer links that might be useful:

Themed Web Links For Exploration

Good website for all senses:

Light wavelength demonstration, etc:


Colorblindness test:

Snellen eye charts:

Octopus vision:,9171,897619-1,00.html

Reaction Time: On-line Methods
( ...scroll down for 5 different approaches

Reaction Time Ruler Methods (English...gag...) (metric...low resolution) (metric...with formula!...rounding excel file for better accuracy)

Taste: ...good foundation information ...even deeper! (includes reading connection 'gregory the terrible eater')

Olfaction: a linked discussion on human pheromones

Sound: ...Powerpoint resources ...used in lecture "unreliable server or software" ...Interference--tuning--used in lecture

html (younger students)

Braille sheet...Maybe free? click on links to braille music, math, etc.

K-2 BraveLittleMonster Reading/Sense Project:

Sensory gardening anyone?

Aging and senses: