A Look Ahead:

  1. Friday This week Comp Exam G-100 2-5 PM Pencil....Sophomore Average!
  2. Next Wednesday How to build a poster! Need to select and read article with best graphics possibilities
  3. Following week: Poster Presentation!
  4. Need to read the rest of the papers in your bibliography: Our ultimate assignment is to present a grant proposal that outlines a body of research findings and proposes a new research project for funding approval.
  5. GET YOUR OLD STUFF DONE AND IN! OP ED in particular...Friday DEAD line!

Debate Concepts

1. Quiz First to Check Preparation

2. Introduction

No "Right" or "Wrong" Answers but "DEFENDED Opinions"
Sensitivity to Biological Issues in Society
Argue Various Views Publicly and Effectively
Learn From/About Fellow Classmates

3. Argumentation

Empirical Evidence? "Figures don't lie, liars figure"
Fact or Opinion? "I wouldn't have believed it unless I saw it"
Propaganda? or Truth?
Cause/Effect or Correlation? "Birds fly south to escape cold?"
Distortions/Oversimplifications? "Cold in North because Birds fly south?"
Analogy Correct/Faulty? "Food Source, Breeding, Instinct, Biorhythm?"
Generalizations over-extended? "Geese migrate south, so all birds migrate south for winter"
"Brain works by electrical potential, computer works by electrical potential so brain is a computer"
Proper attention to variation/statistics? "One case study overextended to population"

4. Qualities in Debate

  • Materials outside of article read
  • Evidence given, not just hearsay opinion
  • Anticipates and parries opposite point of view
  • Asks pertinent questions of opponents weaknesses
  • Is adequately prepared
  • Is well organized
  • Does not attack ad hominem
  • Is polite and does not interrupt


    a. What is the Proposition? Issue 20: Should there be a market in body parts?


    b. Argument-Facts and opinions as evidence in logical analysis of proposition

    c. Format:

    6. NOW THE TABLES ARE TURNED: Issue 5--Should Physicians Be Allewed to Assist in Patient Suicide?


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