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Quiz on Debate Team Essay

Several weeks ago, the class chose two topics selected out of the McGraw-Hill Taking Sides essay series. For each topic there is a pro- and a con- essay for consideration. In the week before spring break, you were assigned a particular debate topic and a particular team based upon your preferences and the number of assignments you had completed to date. Over the spring break you were asked to read the essay supporting your team and, in the portions of the two school weeks on either side of spring break, to meet and discuss your debate strategy and ideas with your team.

Who are the members of your team?

Your article was arguing for- or against- the topic question?     Pro     Con

To test your participation in the reading and strategizing, provide in the space below three main ideas (arguments) of the article your team is defending.


Now indicate what you feel is the article's best-argued point on its own perspective:


Finally, what point has the author of your article missed in her/his article that would either support the author's perspective or refute opposing perspectives?


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