Paper Chase at Smith Library

This exercise is designed to introduce you to our Smith Library holdings in plant biology. As you might know, the library collection is divided into sections and finding everything is a bit tricky. Your goal is to personally find each of the following resources and bring them to "home base" Room 315.

Related Assignments This Week:
In addition to exploring the library, finalize your topic for your Senior Seminar projects. During this next week find journals that publish on topics of your interest. From your review article (secondary source) or those journals, find some refereed journal articles (primary sources) for your summary, critique, proposal, oral presentation, poster presentation, and op-ed writing projects this semester. Scan through those articles to identify pertinent vocabulary.

Writing Assignments This Week (due next Tuesday):
To document that you located some sources for the semester, assemble a bibliography of them using the style shown on pages 75-79 in Pechenik 4ded.

Read one of the articles in your bibliography and prepare a first-draft abstract following the instructions given today. Bring a photocopy of your article to class next week. Avoid plagiarism: you are not permitted to copy the published abstract as if it were your own summary. Similarly, the citation of your article must be complete in the abstract to give proper credit for the work. The excuse "the published abstract was so good I couldn't write anything else better" is not acceptable. You will find instructions for writing an abstract (summary) in Pechenik 4ded (125-140) and also on the handout from me.

Pick up your edited résumé (based on Chapter 14 in Pechenik) on Friday and revise your curriculum sure you have arranged for your references.


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