STUDENT PRESENTOR:_______________________________ Date: March ____, 2004

Instructions to Evaluators:

  1. Please evaluate each category (10 = outstanding, 1 = very poor, NA = not applicable) by circling your response.
  2. Please make any additional comments/criticisms in the space provided below and continue on the back of this sheet.
  3. I received a copy of the abstract being presented one week in advance:     True     False
  4. I read the abstract thoroughly before coming to class:     True     False
CONTENT:OutstandingVery Poor
A. Background Information10987654321NA
B. Explained Purpose10987654321NA
C. Methods Presentation10987654321NA
D. Analysis of Results10987654321NA
E. Interpretation of Results10987654321NA
F. Summary10987654321NA
PRESENTATION:OutstandingVery Poor
A. Delivery (Loudness, Grammar, etc.)10987654321NA
B. Organization of Material (Logic, Preparation)10987654321NA
C. Timing (Adequate Rehearsal)10987654321NA
D. Visual Aids (Quality, Number)10987654321NA
OutstandingVery Poor




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The answer I received was (in terms of quality):


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