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Proposal Evaluation Criteria

Reviewers are requested to address the following criteria in composing their written evaluation of the assigned proposal:

Intellectual Merit of the Proposal

      Novelty, uniqueness, originality
      Conceptual adequacy of the hypothesis or research question
      Clarity and delineation of objectives
      Awareness of alternative approaches
      Adequacy of the description of the methods to be used
      Feasibility of the project given the methods planned
      Adequacy of planning and facilities
      Time plan sufficient for achieving objectives
      Presence of preliminary or literature data to support feasibility
      Past publication of the project director (power point presentations, op ed piece, poster)
      Institutional adequacy in terms of equipment, space, facilities
      Probablity of success of the project

Broader Impact of the Proposal

      Improves the instructional ability of the institution
      Equips or improves the institution's facilities for further research
      Stimulates further projects by additional invesigators at the institution
      Opens collaboration with other institutions
      Evidence of how results will be presented or published
      Evidence of improvement for humankind or the earth in general


The Koning Foundation

Proposal Evaluation Form

Author of Proposal Being Reviewed:___________________________________

Overall Recommendation:      Highly Recommended for Funding
     Recommended for Funding
     Proposal Acceptable
     Proposal Rejected

In the space below, please evaluate the proposal you have been assigned using the criteria on the attached page.



Reviewer ___________________________________


The Koning Foundation

Proposal Evaluation Form

Author of proposal: ___________________________________

Funding amount requested: $_________________

Priority rank (1=best) among proposals under consideration: ______

Funding amount recommended by panel: $_________________

In the space below, the panel should justify its funding recommendation using the evaluation criteria, the reviewer's comments, and the collective judgement of the panel members.



Panel Members: ________________________________________________________________


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