Finding a High-Quality Secondary Source

  1. Surf to the ECSU-Library Website:
  2. Hold your mouse over "Databases" and a drop-down menu appears beneath it. Click on "Database A-Z".
  3. When the big table has finished loading, scroll down the table of databases and click on Article First.
  4. This should open an "Advanced Search" screen for you. A few lines down, click on the link Browse Journals and Magazines.
  5. In a gray area is a textbox underneath the words "Search for titles containing:" Click in this textbox and type in: Annual Review. Then click on the button just below the textbox which is labeled "Browse Journal Titles."
  6. Scroll down the list of links showing the titles of the "Annual review of..." series. Find the title that comes closest to the subject area in which you are most interested. Click on that title link.
  7. On the Journal Information page that appears, click on the Available Issues link.
  8. On the Available Issues page that appears, click on the link for the most-recent year (e.g.: Vol. 59 No. 2008).
  9. Read through the Table of Contents page that appears. Click on the link for the Article Title of greatest interest to you. If this particular volume does not have exactly what you wanted, go back one screen and check a previous year or two...but do not go back more than 5-10 years if you want to see recent research!
  10. On the Detailed Record page that appears, you will find a complete bibliographic citation which you should print out or copy down. Then, click on the Search the catalog at J. Eugene Smith Library link.
  11. If ECSU has the volume, you will be able to scroll down to find the location and Library of Congress call number to go find the article in our library. If ECSU lacks this volume, you can click on the blue button "Request Book" to obtain it by Interlibrary Loan. That will require you to enter your ID number and PIN again, and indicate the ECSU Circulation desk for the pickup location.


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